Discover HTC U12 Plus Edge Sense 2 Feature

The HTC U12 Plus is finally here and already makes quite an impression with its sophisticated design, premium materials and updated features. I have no idea if all these are enough to face the competition from China and Korea, yet one thing I know for sure: there are some standout features that caught my eye from the start and I know that I am not the only one saying it!

A truly special feature, one that can only be found on the HTC U12 Plus – is Edge Sense 2. First introduced on the HTC U11, Edge Sense enables interaction with the phone through squeezing its sides. The second iteration of the technology isn’t only more sensitive, but it lets you evoke other functions simply by tapping the sides.

For example, now you have the option to map a tap to bring up a quick app launcher, with a squeeze opening the camera. It might seem pointless or way too basic to deserve any sort of attention at first, but users of U11 have agreed on the fact that the feature is surprisingly useful and convenient and they’ve asked for more.

That is exactly what they are getting in the latest HTC U12 Plus. The squeeze functionality that I am telling you about also works in apps and I love one aspect: you don’t have to sit and wait for the developer to update anything, but you are the one who can make it possible. To be more precise, don’t hesitate to do it through the Edge Sense settings panel. A squeeze to zoom in on Maps becomes natural almost instantly, so I am sure that you will love it too!

And if none of these sound familiar, then you have one more reason to take a closer look to the new HTC U12 Plus smartphone released on the market. You already know that it won’t empty your pockets and you might end up being quite surprised by what you can get from such a device!

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