Take Noise-free Low-light Photos on LG G4

LG repeatedly praised the inbuilt “ground-breaking” G4 camera, but is it as good as being said? Well, inside the LG G4 camera is a 16-million-pixel sensor, which comes accompanied by an f/1.8 lens, being the ideal choice when it comes to low light photography.

Another advantage is the fact that not only does the LG G4 has a manual mode, but you can also shoot in raw (DNG) format and things get even more interesting as long as you can enjoy quick autofocus speeds thanks to the included laser detection autofocus. And trust me when I am saying that this is not all!

The very same LG G4 smartphone comes with an amazing manual mode that gives you the possibility to control loads of photo settings and besides that, you can also take extreme low-light photos that are virtually noise-free. Do you want to learn how to do that? Here I am to guide you, but there is something else that you should know about.

So, there might be a problem at this chapter. I am talking about one of the largest smartphones from the current market, yet with a very flat design, so using it is not as simply as it might seem. The device is prone to shaking in your hands, which means that you will need to find a way to keep the LG G4 very still. A phone tripod is ideal in such a case or you can simply wedge it up against something. After that, here’s what you have to do:

How to Take Noise-free Low-light Photos with LG G4 Camera:

  1. For the start, you have to head to the camera app;
  2. Press the three-pip icon in the top-left of the screen;
  3. After that, you have to press the Manual mode icon that should pop up;
  4. When doing that, an entire set of manual controls will appear at the bottom of the screen;
  5. The one you are looking for is the second from the right- the one that controls shutter speed;
  6. With night shooting, try exposures up to a second, and verify that the ISO setting is set to fairly low.

Yes, that’s the simple trick! By choosing Low ISO you get the chance to enjoy aamzing LG G4 photos with little noise. The low light capability is fairly impressive. At mid-range ISO values, such as ISO 800, there’s barely any noise visible, so what more could you be asking for?

Also learn how to:

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