Cookpad Recipes: Your New Recipe Tutorial App and Android Social Network

Do you have a problem when it comes to finding interesting and original recipes? Join the club! That is why I have initially started looking for some great Android apps that might help me and I’m delighted by what I found.

Today I want to tell you more about an app known as Cookpad Recipes which can be described as some sort of a unique combination of recipe tutorial app and social network, providing its users various recipes ranging from everyday meals to fine dining.

To be more precise, the app includes recipes from main courses, desserts, appetizers, soups and much, much more, with filters for ingredients, ease of preparation and dietary restrictions. However, I have told you that this is a well-designed recipe app, so be sure that it has plenty of other different options.

It has a meal planner one along with a shopping list, a recipe box and I must also remind you the fact that it is more than a cookbook for Android users. Well, this is your chance to enjoy the advantages of an amazing social community for cooks right in your device.

Aside from looking for recipes to cook, this app also connects you to cooks all over the world, it lets you share recipes, techniques, secrets and advices about cooking in a special manner. After all, the app features real time messaging, shopping list, nutritional information and more. And there is even a link to the active user forums, where you will find many threads about cooking strategies and suggestions, recipes, and even food photography.

Long story short, with Cookpad Recipes users can create custom shopping lists and find unique recipes, participate in user forums or comment on individual recipes and even upload their own favorite meals for others to enjoy. And they can even create an account with Google or Facebook to save all your tasty information.

All these sound familiar? You are not imaging things, but you should trust your instinct more often. Well, this app used to be Allthecooks before being acquired by Cookpad. This change works in our favor as Cookpad does a much better job when it comes to tracking down great meal ideas, so what are you waiting for?

Take the app from this Google Play link and don’t forget to come back to tell me if you are enjoying it! Be sure that the comments area is waiting for you!

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