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Google rolls out its next major Play Store version (4.3.10) with usability improvements and we can tell you that this new Play Store introduces some changes that will give users a smoother and more convenient experience. For example, with the previous version, if you selected Google to update all your apps automatically, you would lose track of the updated apps and the ones that weren’t updated. Well now you get a recently updated section, which allows you to review these apps. You’ll also get grouping of update notifications. This means that, instead of more notifications for each apps, you’ll get a single one, in order to protect your battery.

Among enhancements you’ll also see a book sale, an option of buying or renting movies and TV shows, and many more. So the version is good for all ages, since there are so many useful apps out there at the moment for adolescents, grown-ups or parents to use and the Google Play 4.3.10 is just helping your smartphone download and updater each one of them in the best way it can. According to our source, Google has started distributing the update but it might take some time, even weeks, before it reaches everyone so, if you think that’s too much time, you can download and instal it yourselves from the here.

Google Play Store 4.3.10

Google Play Store 4.3.10

The size of the Google Play 4.3.10 is of 5.76 MB (6036657 bytes), so make sure you have enough space before you start downloading. Otherwise, you’ll just wait for some time and not be able to use your phone, to come to the conclusion you’ve done that in vain. Until now, the new Google Play Store has had 1243 downloads and it’s only been released a couple of days ago. Users are pleased by it so you might as well give it a try. Enjoy!

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