Motorola’s Moto X Now available in US

The smartphone Moto X from Motorola was just released in US and Canada. The price for this wonderful device which can compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Iphone 5 will be tagged at $199 for the version of 16 GB of memory and $249 for the version of 32 GB. Besides, it will come with a contract of two years with a wireless carrier. The Moto X will be available just in the US and Canada for the moment, but there are promises that this will have the possibility of widely purchasing in the near future. The new Motorola factory set in the US will be the one where Moto X will be assembled, and this will be the only smartphone which will be produced in the US, so it’s a great privilege. The new factory it’s in Forth Worth, Texas.

As our source informs us, the Moto X will be available for customization for AT&T clients through a Moto Maker website which will be available for, as Verizon informed us, at the end of this year. Another feature offered by the handset from Motorola, Moto X is an “always on voice controls” using the phrase “Ok, Google Now” reading the phone in order to record something, to set an alarm or to make a note and you don’t need to touch or whack it at all.

Moto X wood cover

Moto X wood cover

A nice custom for the Moto X is the wood back cover which is offered, but unfortunately this one won’t get out of the US and Canada. As an advantage, I can mention the price for Motorola Moto X out of US and Canada is expected to be a bit lower, so that we can pass by the fact that it is not offered for all of us the wood cover, which it is absolutely gorgeous by the way.

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