How to Set Custom Ringtones for specific Essential PH-1 Contacts

You may be sick of the initial ringtone of your Essential PH-1. You’ve heard it too many times before and it has nothing to do with your personality, so change it with no hesitation. As for people who wish to go further more in personalization, this guide is perfect since it shows you how to set Custom Ringtones for specific Essential PH-1 contacts.

I find it really practical to have the chance to distinguish calls from my contacts by a special ringing tone. If you also want your caller’s or family’s calls to ring in a certain way, I can assure you that it is possible and simple to designate a ringtone to a contact.

Just note that the contact must be registered to your cellphone. This means that if the contact is saved on the Essential PH-1 SIM card, this method will not work. If the contact is registered on the Essential PH-1, the procedure will definitely succeed, so carefully apply the given steps:

How to Set Custom Ringtones for specific Essential PH-1 Contacts:

  1. Switch the Essential PH-1 device on;
  2. Now, you have to enter into the Dialer app;
  3. Look for and select the contact you want to alter a ringtone for;
  4. At this point, it’s time to select the pen-shaped symbol to alter the contact;
  5. Then, you have to select the Ringtone button;
  6. A window will appear at this point, showing you all the ringtones you have in your device;
  7. Decide on a song you wish to set as the ringtone for the contact you earlier selected and click on it to select it;
  8. If the ringtone you choose does not appear on that list, tap on Add;
  9. Up next, you have to look for that particular song in the storage of your Essential PH-1 device and click on it to select it. That was all! Enjoy the change and stay tuned for more devices!

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