Use Galaxy S8 Plus Samsung Cloud Link Sharing

I bet that your love your new Galaxy S8 Plus! The users can easily navigate the displays with ease and can take full advantage of their powerful features. Galaxy S8’s Edge panel offers access to news, apps and plenty of other functions by a simple swipe, not to mention that the navigation bar that houses the Galaxy S8’s Home, Back and Recents buttons has a few tricks up its sleeve as well. And there is so much more to discover about this handset.

For example, with the help of Samsung Cloud, users of Galaxy S8 Plus have the chance to share a large number of data and information such as pictures, videos, documents, etc., with Samsung Cloud.

If you want to share just a few photos with your curious parents, then you shouldn’t need such a feature. But if you want to share a bunch of videos, after a long summer vacation for instance, this could turn into a disaster.

This is where Samsung Cloud steps in as it can send a special URL, or code to access all those shared files in the Samsung Cloud app, to someone instead of the huge files themselves. File size is limited to 1 GB, and you can save up to 2 GB per day with the help of this special function. Samsung Cloud will hold the files for no less than two days, at full quality, and I don’t know about you, but I think that this is more than enough time for the recipient enough time to view and download the videos.

So, what do you say? Would you give a try to this feature?

Well, these are plenty of other tips and tricks for Galaxy S8 Plus users, so don’t stop here:

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