Install Android M Preview on Nexus Devices

There are not too many chances to see  the final version of Android M released any sooner than November, but if you currently use a Nexus device, then this is your lucky day.

To be more precise, if you currently own a Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or Nexus Player and you feel that you cannot wait any longer, then do not hesitate to download the Developer Preview built as soon as possible and install Android M on your own smartphone.

There are though a few things that you should be aware of even from the very beginning such as the fact that Android M Developer Preview is intended especially for developers and not for beginners why might easily make a mistake and brick the handset beyond repair. If you know what you are doing and you are no stranger of such a procedure, be prepared for another disappointment. This version is not completely stable, but on contrary, it’s a buggy one that might not work as smooth as you are expecting.

And do not forget about the preparatory steps! This new preview build is available just for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player, so do not apply it on any other device. It doesn’t require root to install, but you should be aware that you will lose root and all of your data if you install this build, not to mention that you must back up any data installed there before you begin the installation procedure.

Also head to the main Settings menu and choose the Developer options entry in order to tick the box next to USB debugging (this means that you have to enable USB Debugging) and do not forget to tick the box next to “Enable OEM unlock” as well. No less important, prepare your PC and the original USB cable – to be more precise, on your Windows PC install Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

And once again, I want to be clear about the fact that manually installing Android M on your Nexus 6 handset is under your responsibility only. Carefully follow the steps below as they are given, use the comments area in case of having any questions and keep in mind that AndroidFlagship takes no responsibility for any damages that might occur during or after the completion of this guide.

How to Install the Android M Preview on your Nexus Device:

  1. Download the appropriate Android M installer for your handset with the help of this link;
  2. After that, it’s time to extract the content to a new folder on your desktop;
  3. Plug your Nexus device into your Windows PC with the USB cable that I’ve told you about in order to make the transfer;
  4. Then, unplug it;
  5. Launch Minimal ADB and Fastboot;
  6. Type adb reboot-bootloader and hit Enter. This will boot your device into Fastboot mode;
  7. You have to scan the information on the device screen for LOCK STATE;
  8. If this reports that the phone or tablet is unlocked, skip this step;
  9. If not, in ADB type fastboot oem unlock and hit Enter;
  10. You have to use the Volume button on your Nexus device to select Yes;
  11. Also use the Power button to confirm your choice;
  12. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to manually install each file;
  13. The device should then restart running Android M.

If you ever want to go back to your previous operating system, simply download the appropriate system image and repeat the instructions above.

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