How to Use the Note 8 as a Mobile Hotspot (WiFi)

There is no secret that last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was a big step forward for the Note line, pairing a great built body with an updated S Pen. After that, it started blowing up and everything turned into a disaster. Samsung had a lot to prove, and it mostly succeeded with its new Note 8 phablet that so many love and use these days, therefore don’t hesitate to learn how to get the best out of it.

If you have a generous mobile data plan that you never get to use at its fullest when surfing the web from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then you might consider sharing your data with other devices. This can be easily done in real time, in public or private places, wherever you don’t want to use a public Wi-Fi connection.

To be more precise, the Galaxy Note 8 hotspot feature is the one that allows you to share your internet connection with a laptop or tablet. Basically, other devices connect to the Note 8 just like you sign into Airport Wifi and it is up to you to do this completely wireless, or use a USB cable for what’s called USB Tethering.

How to Use the Note 8 as a Mobile Hotspot (WiFi):

  1. Turn on your Galaxy Note 8 phablet;
  2. Up next, swipe down on the Home screen to launch the Notification shade;
  3. Tap on the Settings icon;
  4. Select the Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot entry;
  5. Then, select the Mobile Hotspot option;
  6. Activate the Mobile Hotspot by switching its dedicated toggle from Off to On;
  7. You must now confirm with the OK button when warned that the Wi-Fi will automatically turn off;
  8. Go on with the steps suggested at the bottom of the screen to give access to your Note 8’s mobile data to other devices. You must basically name the hotspot and create a password for it;
  9. Once you’re done, test it on a computer or tablet before you go mobile and need it.

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