Use the Galaxy Note 8 One-Handed

I can assure you that the Galaxy Note 8 is more than just a slightly stretched Galaxy S8+, as some might have claimed a while ago. Its body is more rectangular and the curves at the corners are less pronounced. The metal frame on the sides is also thicker, but the phablet is even more sturdy, not to mention what a beast can be on the inside!

However, this can turn into a problem for certain users who must use the Galaxy Note 8 one-handed. With a huge 6.3-inch display and the body previously described, it’s hard to use with one hand for some owners. If you’re struggling too, it’s time to put this to an end and try One-Handed mode. Even people with large hands could sometimes benefit from a dedicated one-hand usage mode.

The best part is that the Note 8 doesn’t skimp on features and has a built in single-handed mode that is definitely helpful in certain scenarios. This puts everything in fingers reach, minimizes windows, and is probably just what you were hoping to find.

For first-time setup, you have to hold device in one hand then quickly slide thumb from the edge of the screen to the middle and back.

Use the Galaxy Note 8 One-Handed:

  1. For the start, from a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen;
  2. Navigate to Settings;
  3. Then, to Advanced features;
  4. Tap One-handed mode;
  5. Tap the One-handed mode switch (upper-right) to turn on Switch on or off Switch off;
  6. From here, there are two options to turn it on or off: Swipe up diagonally from the corner to shrink the screen contents or tap the home button 3 times to quickly reduce the screen size.

So, as you see, the one-handed feature has been built straight into the TouchWiz software. This means it’s easy to switch on one-handed mode without even downloading an extra app or features.

I just hope that this tutorial has helped you to find out how to turn on the one-handed operation mode for the Galaxy Note 8. You’ll quickly notice that the one-handed mode on the Galaxy Note 8 is so much easier to use when you’re using just one hand.

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