How to Set Up Galaxy Note8 Bixby

There is no doubt about the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the most advanced phone that Samsung has ever made. Well, this handset has some of the features that can also be found on the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices, but it debuts the dual camera that many Samsung users dream of for a while and an S Pen better than ever before. How to refuse all these?

Even more, things are ideal when it comes to Samsung Bixby, the artificially intelligent assistant in the company’s phablet that you will fall in love with from the start. Well, this is quite different from Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant. Samsung wants to anticipate your needs and serve up contextualized reminders and Samsung’s Bixby has a cloud-based voice response system that is based on artificial intelligence. Getting it set up is a little more involved than just telling Bixby what you want, though.

If you haven’t seen up to now, there’s a special extra key on the left side ofyour Galaxy Note8 to wake up Bixby, establish a cloud connection and have it listen to your voice.

How to Set Up Galaxy Note8 Bixby:

  1. First, enable the feature by pressing the Bixby key;
  2. Then, choose between the two options: English or Korean;
  3. When you pull up Bixby for the first time, you’ll be asked to agree to the terms of service — and to grant it access your data;
  4. It takes a few minutes of voice training, but Bixby is powerful and lets you perform tasks like open the lock screen vocally or tell Bixby what music to play. After all, even Samsung says Bixby supports more than 3,000 commands, including app-specific commands in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Uber, Gmail, Google Maps, and much more;
  5. So, once you’ve installed the software and completed Samsung’s Bixby Voice tutorial, you’re free to invoke the voice assistant at your own leisure. You can easily activate it by saying, “Hey Bixby” or by holding down the Bixby button while you talk.

And I totally get you if you don’t want to look like you’re talking to your phone in public; in such a case, you can talk to Bixby by holding your Galaxy Note 8 up to your ear, like a phone call.

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