Get Samsung Internet Browser APK for Android

Samsung Internet Browser is getting better and better with the latest updates. Internet Browser APK is the most recent update available for Samsung phones and tablets as well and I am sure that users don’t want to miss it. It’s not as if they would have the best; they already enjoy Video Assistant which lets them easily switch between various viewing modes while watching videos, the pop-up player is ideal to browse the web while watching videos, Virtual Reality is available for the web for a while, but the newly added features are extremely tempting too.

The newly added features include QR code scanner, while shopping on the web will get more secure than ever before with support for the new Web Payments API, the long promised DeX desktop experience is here too, along with Tab swipe, Quick Menu, Content Blocker, and much more. A keyboard popup issue was being reported too and they just fixed it in the new update, while of course, the performance is smoother than ever before.

If you like the sound of it, you can choose to download the Samsung Internet Browser APK directly form the below link. You must though enable Unknown Sources on your device or else the below procedure won’t work for you. Well, before Android Oreo, to install an APK, you could simply check the box next to Unknown sources in Settings > Security. However, Google has made the process more secure in Android Oreo, so it renamed the setting to Install unknown apps, and changed where its located. Even if Unknown sources or install APK files or unknown apps has a dedicated page to itself rather than simply being a checkbox entry, yet it’s practically the very same thing under a different name.

Get Samsung Internet Browser APK for Android:

  1. Download the Samsung Internet Browser APK;
  2. Copy it to your phone;
  3. After that, using your favorite Android file explorer go to download APK location on your phone and tap on it;
  4. At this point, you will be asked to Install the app as new or overwrite the previous version retaining the data, so make a choice.

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