Highlight the Borders of your OnePlus 6 via Borderlight Live Wallpaper

This has to be the most talked about feature in smartphones this year. Yes, it’s the notch I am thinking of. Some Android users love it because it gives users additional screen space on the left and right side of the notch, but other simply hate it. They find the notch obtrusive when trying to watch a video as it can cut into the video frame or useless. One way or another, you have it on your OnePlus 6 too.

Even so, the ultra slim bezels that we’ve got here are opening up some unique software opportunities for developers. This includes the live wallpaper that was recently released by XDA Junior Member dax105. This one is known as Borderlight and it illuminates the very outside edges of the OnePlus 6 with the gradient also shifting colors just like you would expect from a special live wallpaper.

As of right now, the application still has one main function: to illuminate the edges with shifting colors. Even so, the developer is open to suggestion from the community for some ideas that would improve the software. Well, I’ve been following the development of this live wallpaper since it was first released. At first, it had no customization features at all, but this has changed now.

Customization features for your OnePlus 6

Up to now, dax105 has updated the live wallpaper several times. The wallpaper has been changed and it now supports more devices. And you have the ability to adjust the border thickness or select a background picture. Borderlight has also become available on the Play Store.

Even so, this wallpaper is still under development and regularly receives updates, so don’t hesitate to download and install it. And you can follow the development thread at XDA to participate to report any sort of bugs, suggest features or to simply check for changelogs on newer versions.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper is waiting for you.

And remember something. The slim bezels of the OnePlus 6 were the perfect opportunity for the developer to show off his Borderlight live wallpaper application and it had an interesting look to it because of the shape of the phone’s notch. However, more and more users of various devices are trying it out too and they love it.

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