Increase the Vibrations on your Galaxy S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a great phone, but one that hasn’t really kicked on from the Galaxy S8 Plus, bringing a very similar design and screen to 2017’s version. The camera is a leap forward, but the low light capabilities are not what we need, the screen is brighter and those dual speakers sound better than ever, but the look! Oh, that identical design is killing me and even if it is indeed the most powerful Android phone out, certain changes are a must.

A handset can go from a slab of plastic and rare metals, to something that is very personal and this is what I always encourage you to do when you become the owner of a new handset. To change the identical look problem, you should better start digging and making changes on your Galaxy S9 Plus handset.

For example, you should better take in consideration that your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has different vibration level settings that you can use as you like. I think that it is super convenient to assign a specific vibration level for the handset’s alerts, notifications, calls, as well as keyboard and that’s what you are about to find out. Here’s how to do it:

Increase the Vibrations on your Galaxy S9 Plus:

  1. At first, you have to turn on your Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone;
  2. Up next, you must go to your Settings;
  3. Select the option of Sound and Notifications;
  4. Then, select the Vibrations option;
  5. After that, you know what you must do: it’s time to select “Vibration intensity”;
  6. You will have three different options to select from once you are in the “Vibration intensity” screen of your smartphone. I am talking about:
  • Notifications
  • Incoming call
  • Vibration Feedback

At this point, you will have different vibration levels for your keyboard, calls, alerts and notifications which will help you distinguish one alert from the other and avoid any confusions on your Samsung smartphone. Aren’t things much more convenient this way?

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