EyeEm Brings Together People who Love Photography

There are plenty of ways you can make money and selling the photos you captured is one of them. Exploring these options can help you monetize your work. Do you also have tons of photos to sell? Even if you don’t have a lot, some apps might help you. Yes, they might help you even if you never thought of selling them in the first place.

Well, you might just be after reading this. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a camera at home. It could be a professional SLR camera, a simple digital pocket camera or a high-resolution phone camera. From this to making some extra money is just one step. And things become so much easier with an app such as EyeEm if you really love photography.

Discover EyeEm – see and be seen:

EyeEm is some sort of a platform that connects a new generation of photographers around the world. Yes, I could call it like this and I think that it suits this name. EyeEm doesn’t focus on just being a photo marketplace. Instead, it tries to bring together people who love taking and sharing photos.

You get various filters and other tools into the app to have fun with. And if the passion isn’t enough, then the app added an extra bonus to keep them coming back for more while monetizing the service at the same time.

You can upload any images you want to sell or license to the marketplace, and have patience. Even so, you can keep control over all rights at the same time as giving brands and agencies the opportunity to use them for a fee. And all those exhibitions, awards, magazines and missions make you keep coming back for more.

Through this EyeEm app you can expose yourself to clients from all over the world. Therefore, making money should be just a matter of time. Or you could simply have fun and do your best to complete those missions. Or share some inspiration! Sharing in the new trend, you know!

If you are curious too, EyeEm – Camera & Photo Filter is waiting for you.

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