How to Discover a Lie with Why You Lying App

Are you worried that someone is lying to you? Depending on your relationship with this person, the truth will come out, some might say. This could take time and you might not be that willing to wait. Am I right? From suspecting a lie to actually discovering it is a long way and I know that you have your own dreams.

Maybe someone told you about a lie detector option and your imagination runs wild. Maybe you have seen “Lie to Me” and you’ve been fascinated. With Dr. Lightman being brought in when people need to be sure they’re not being lied to, I bet that you’d want your very own session with him. He is always able to spot the lies and solve the cases.

Well, I am not here to suggest a team of body language experts or a visit to an actual lie detector, but maybe an app will do the trick for you. Why You Lying is a fun lie detector apps for Android users which allows you to get lie result on their smartphone. Are you curious to find out more? That’s exactly what I have for you today.

Disclaimer: This app is just a fun game and not a real life lie detector.

Put the fingerprint on the screen and get … pranked

So, this is a lie detector prank app which basically works based on the fingerprint. You have to put your fingerprint on the screen to get lie detector results. You see, it provides funniest lie detector results and maybe the person you suspect will fall into your trap.

I also like that the app it is available in more than 20 different languages to use for free. And even if you don’t have Dr. Lightman on your side, that’s a way to turn your phone into a spy device and get closer to the truth you crave for.

Do not hesitate to try out free and unique lie detector prank for checking if someone is cheating and making you fool. Why You Lying is waiting for you.

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