Use 1-Touch Cleaner (Booster) Pro for those Times when you Overload your Android

Android smartphones and tablets, just as computers, tend to deplete with age. In time, they become a little bloated (or a little more), sluggish, and cannot reach the kind of peak levels they could when new. It is disappointing to feel like your Android handset is not performing at the levels you expect, so I totally get what you feel. No matter how careful we often try to be in ensuring we don’t overload your Android smartphone, this eventually happens sooner or later.

In such a case, let me tell you that you can use 1-Touch Cleaner (Booster) Pro for those times when this happens to your device too. This is an amazing app that can be proved very helpful for your handset, as 1-Touch Cleaner (Booster) Pro is ideal to clean junk and cache files, RAM, messages, missed calls, received calls, dialed or frequently called list, as well as obsolete APKs that make you hard days.

And I know that the Clear default browser history, clipboard and search history of Google Play Store (Google Market) tend to occupy more than enough space on your Android, but the app deals with all these too, so it’s your lucky day because you’ve found it.

You may also use the 1-Touch Clean button to clean the selected caches and logs all with a single tap. All you must do is to configure Messages, App Cache, Obsolete APKs, Call Logs, RAM or anything that you would like to clean with a single tap. After configurating the options, all you must do is to wait for a prompt saying whether you want to proceed or change the configuration. At this point, hit Yes if you want to and that’s it. Your phone will definitely feel much faster, more optimized and all selected things will be constantly cleaned in the background.

Grab 1-Touch Cleaner (Booster) Pro from this Google Play source right away. And don’t forget to check on us every day to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Android.

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