How to Flash TWRP on ZTE Nubia Z9 Max

There is no mystery that with custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM ensured on your Android device, you can install supported ROMs and kernels and why would ZTE’s Nubia Z9 Max be any exception to that?

Dianlujitao, a recognized Member at XDA-Developers, has provided a way through which you can successfully install TWRP on your own ZTE Nubia Z9 Max. Don’t you know how to flash it on your Nubia Z9 Max in order to replace the stock recovery? Rest assured as here I am to help you.

I know that you are eager to start the TWRP recovery procedure, but you have to be careful about the requirements before initiating it.

First of all, you need to create a complete backup of your videos, movies, contacts, songs, files, apps and all other data in your device before starting the update process and verify that you have at least 60% power back up in your ZTE Nubia Z9 Max handset to avoid unexpected shut down during the update. In such a case, your device may get temporarily damaged or even bricked.

You must also enable USB-Debugging from Developer Options in the Settings menu. If you cannot find Developer Options, then you’ll have to enable it by entering into Settings> About Phone> Build Number and tapping it 7 times until you see a small notification that you have enabled it. After that, you have to go back to the Settings menu and there you’ll see Developer Options, so open it and enable USB Debugging.

Even more, you have to install the device’s drivers on your PC to easily connect it to your handset. Make sure to shut down the antivirus programs you are running on your computer and that might slow down or completely stop the procedure (I am talking about your Anti-virus, Firewall and Anti-malware Programs) and don’t leave aside the original USB cable.

Your handset might undergo certain issues during this guide, for which I will not be responsible. It’s all your responsibility to apply the steps exactly as they are given – that is something that I want to be clear about from the very beginning.

Learn to Flash TWRP on ZTE Nubia Z9 Max:

  1. You need TWRP for ZTE Nubia Z9 Max, so download it from here;
  2. Also take SuperSU with the help of this link;
  3. Connect your ZTE Nubia Z9 Max to the computer by using the USB cable;
  4. Open a Command Prompt;
  5. Type the following command: adb devices
  6. You should be getting a message saying ‘List of devices attached’ along with your device name, meaning that adb has recognized your ZTE Nubia Z9 Max phone;
  7. Reboot your device in fastboot/bootloader mode with the help of this command: adb reboot bootloader
  8. It’s time to change the directory of your Command prompt to your Desktop by typing this command: cd Desktop
  9. You have to type the following command: fastboot -i 0x19d2 flash recovery twrp_en_nx510j_dianlujitao.img
  10. Press Enter and this will flash TWRP custom recovery on your ZTE Nubia Z9 Max handset;
  11. Now, return to the Recovery mode and reboot your device;
  12. Once rebooted, you are all done.

In case you face any problems while applying this guide, feel free to tell me more about them in the comments section.

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