How to Stick to Your Budget with Money Lover

If you’re like most people, you check your smartphone around 40 times a day if not even more – looking at everything from text messages and work emails to game scores or funny videos. I am sure that all these aren’t always a must, so what do you think of actually using your phone for something that cannot be postponed?

Tracking money has never been a straightforward process—you probably hate to write down everything you spend, you forget where the papers are and it isn’t at all an easy thing to do it while on the go, but your Android smartphone can ease such a process. How to track your expenses successfully? With the help of an app, of course.

Money Lover helps you when it comes to sticking to your budget and I am sure that you don’t me to tell you that keeping your budget balanced can not only help you stay on track financially, but can also reduce your stress when it comes to money. Money Lover is ready to go right out of the box as the developers carefully selected the default categories to help you start tracking important expenses in such an easy way.

Therefore, the app includes multiple income & expenditure categories, along with a bunch of built-in categories like salary, electricity, entertainment, education, so if your focus is on saving your money and counting every penny, on knowing everything you spend and avoid remaining with zero dollars on your pocket, Money Lover is perfect.

The app reveals all your inflow and outflow information right on the main screen, so it is intuitive and besides that, it understands the necessity of also simplifying the process or making transactions. So, you can also use Money Lover to schedule bill reminders as the app can connect to your bank account and automatically track your expenses and then, it can income and categories them into appropriate categories. How amazing is that?

No time-consuming setup process, no need to worry about your money any longer. Money Lover waits for you on this Google Play link, so waste no more time.

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