Create a Hidden Folder on Android

To keep your files safe and hidden, many think of a protected folder with a password, so no one will be able to access the content without the right password. Well, this can be easily done on the computer that you own and use, you already know that, but not on smartphones.

However, this doesn’t means that you cannot keep some of your personal data safe and private. On the Linux system, a “dotfile” (a file with a filename that begins with a period) is hidden from standard view, despite of the fact that most file managers come with some sort of a special option to allow viewing dotfiles. Could there be such a trick in Android as well?

Android, by default, does not recognize folders that begin with a dot (.). So instead of finding ways of creating a hidden folder in an existing folder, searching for a file hiding app or looking for more complicated procedures, you can simply follow these steps:

How to Create a Hidden Folder on Android:

  1. Open your preferred file explorer;
  2. Go to the storage section (internal/external) where you want to create this folder;
  3. Once there, create a new folder and name it anything;
  4. Don’t hesitate to put a dot in front of its name. It doesn’t matter how you name it, but as long as you put a dot before it, be sure that this tells Android to forget all about the presence of such a folder and never look inside of it;
  5. You have just created a hidden folder, so feel free to store anything you want in it;
  6. Be careful about the fact that file managers and specific system apps are aware of the existence of such a hidden folders. This means files hidden inside won’t show up in the gallery, multimedia players, e-mail clients, office editors and the like, but they still can be found;
  7. In order to get access to this folder, you have to enable the “show hidden folders” option in your file explorer’s settings.

What do you think of this method? I personally found it not only extremely simple, but it will also spare you from all that time spent with other complicated operations with similar results.

So, even if this is not only solution for you to keep your data safe on your Android device, this definitely helps a lot!

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