How to Use your Pixel 3 XL USB-C Earphones

Last year, with the Pixel 2 handset, Google decided to ditch the 3.5mm por. The confusion comes from the fact that it didn’t release any official pair of earphones with the device, but that’s a part of the past now. Your Pixel 3 XL phone comes with earphones having a USB Type C interface. They are indeed only available in white, also including in-line remote and adjustable loops, so it’s not a fancy model indeed.

They’re unglamorous and you are expected to just plug them into the nearest USB-C port and play. Basic, right? Or not, or else I would not be here trying to show you how to use your Pixel 3 XL USB-C earphones.

The idea is that Pixel USB-C earbuds get all the essentials right: they sound great, they’re incredibly light, they’re compatible with most modern devices, and they won’t empty your pockets. Available as a $30 purchase or directly included in your Pixel 3 XL box, they have one more advantage. Well, with the new Pixel USB-C earphones, you can listen and reply to notifications via voice control.

That’s how the story goes:

Manage notifications via voice control

When you get a notification, a pop sound alerts you, telling you about the app that has sent you the alert. If you press and hold the Volume Up button in the inline remote, then you imagine what happens next. The Assistant reads out to you which app sent you the notification, and what it reads.

To reply, feel free to press and hold the Play/Pause button on the inline remote and speak out your reply. At that point, your reply is recorded for the period you keep the button held. After that, I bet that you want to send it to your friend or family member, right? So, just press and hold the Volume Up button again and you are good to go.

And always remember to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Pixel phone. No handset is flawless, you know!

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