Learn to Fix Android N Bootloop Issue on Nexus 5X

Has your Nexus 5X also got stuck on its startup screen and cannot load past its logo? Well, I am sure of the fact that you were thrilled when Google started to roll out the latest Android N OTA (over the air) update for Nexus 5X owners who applied to the Android Beta Program, but now, many of them are in the same situation as you: it seems that the smartphone is facing the annoying bootloop issue after applying the OTA update.

Don’t you think that it’s time to fix the Android N Bootloop issue and regain control over your Nexus 5X? The procedure has only a few special requirements, so don’t hesitate to keep on reading.

No, I am not talking about an unlocked bootloader, but you must only download the Android N OTA update file and sideload it on your Nexus device with the help of the steps from below. For that to happen, you must have a working ADB on your computer and the device’s USB drivers installed on the computer. Aren’t these a problem?

Then, you are good to go:

Learn to Fix Android N Bootloop Issue on Nexus 5X:

  1. For the start, you have to download the Android N OTA update zip file for your Nexus 5X handset by entering here;
  2. My advice is to rename the downloaded zip file to ‘update.zip’ to make things easier;
  3. Transfer the file in the ADB installation directory (you can find it into C -> Users ->User – ADB);
  4. Then, turn off the phone;
  5. Boot it into Recovery mode by holding down the very same set of keys that you are used to: the Power and Volume down buttons;
  6. Then select ‘Recovery mode’ and confirm it by Power button;
  7. When an exclamation mark appears, press Power button and then press Volume down or up button)
  8. Now, you must select the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ option;
  9. When the factory reset is completed, select ‘Apply update from ADB’ in recovery;
  10. Connect your device to PC via the fully functional and preferably original USB cord;
  11. Go to the ADB folder and launch a command prompt window there. For that to happen, just press the Shift key, right click and choose ‘open command prompt window here’;
  12. In the command prompt, issue this command: adb devices;
  13. Wait for all the files to be installed. Once done, reboot the phone by selecting ‘Reboot system now’ in your phone;
  14. If your device is listed, enter this command in the command prompt and press the Enter key: adb sideload update.zip;
  15. Have patience while all the files are being installed. Then, you have to reboot the phone.

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