Take a Digital Diet with Android QualityTime

How often do you use your Android phone? You check it when you’re having dinner with your loved ones, at work or at the movies, you check it in the bathroom, so how to say that you’re not addicted? Do you find yourself spending more time on your smartphone than you might realize? If you are one of those people that check their device before they go to sleep and the minute they open their eyes, then you should continue reading.

The line between overuse and normality is so thin these days, so it’s not at all uncommon to make a mistake and to persist. You have probably heard the fact that phone’s blue light can mess with your sleep (read more from this Prevent Eye Strain when using Android Smartphones guide) and you don’t need someone else to tell you that the device that you love so use takes you further and further away from the ones that love you.

They won’t be there forever, so maybe changing is the solution. I don’t say that you must forget all about your Android phone, but it’s all about baby steps. The most important part is admitting that there might be a problem, so let me come with a suggestion. What do you think of a digital diet?

Haven’t you heard of Quality Time? Then, let me present you a simply amazing app which offers a unique and in-depth analysis of your smartphone usage, screen unlocks, as well as individual apps. To be more specific, the app can actually offer you hourly, daily and weekly summary reports to pinpoint your mobile usage and like that you’ll know if you truly have a problem or it’s just in your imagination.

With the help of the app, you can even choose to set time restrictions like ‘alerts’ or ‘take a break’ based on your own habits. So, you can plan and enjoy your activities without finding yourself checking the phone over and over again. After all, quality time doesn’t mean chatting with virtual friend and finding the latest gossips about others.

You should just enjoy your meals and learn when to say good night, have a real life person in front of you and enjoy the advantages of sharing a conversation or a cup of coffee. These are the best parts of life, you know!

The app provides a simple timeline of your smartphone usage to help you show your app usage and where you’re wasting most of your time, so why not giving it a try?

Download this simple app with the help of this direct link and let me know about the results.

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