Learn to Access Samsung Cloud and delete your Galaxy S8 Photos

Your photos, data and settings are more important than ever, so Samsung made them all safe, convenient and seamless to access, backup and restore what you need across Samsung devices. If you want to keep your data backed up, it couldn’t be easier than with Samsung Cloud, so be glad that you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Having everything you need in the cloud also means you have one less thing to worry about when your device stops working or you lose it. Restoring your data and settings, whether to an existing device or a new is faster than ever. However, learn how easy is to Access Samsung Cloud and delete your Galaxy S8 Photos.

Take a photo on your Samsung smartphone and it’s saved both in the gallery and in the Samsung Cloud. You only need to sign into your Samsung account on your device, with no need for a separate cloud app. Now you’re able to access your photos and albums from your other devices whenever you want. And since the range of supported devices continues to grow, soon you’ll be able to access your data from wherever you want. Of course, you can always check your Cloud account and delete the data in there.

Learn to Access Samsung Cloud and delete your Galaxy S8 Photos:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8 device;
  2. Enter into general Settings;
  3. Navigate to Cloud & Accounts;
  4. Go to Samsung Cloud;
  5. Then, tap on Manage Cloud Storage;
  6. You should see a window with all your Cloud storage space usage;
  7. It’s time to tap on Gallery;
  8. Do you see the “Remove from Samsung Cloud” option? Tap it;
  9. Type in your password to confirm the action and prove that you are authorized to delete all those files;
  10. Wait for it to remove the photographs.

That’s how you delete your pictures from Samsung Cloud! Just keep in mind the fact that when you follow these steps on your Samsung Galaxy S8, the Gallery Cloud Sync will be automatically disabled!

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