Use Picture-in-Picture on your OnePlus 5T

What if you want to watch a video on your OnePlus 5T phone, but you’ve also got some serious business to handle? Google added split-screen mode for apps in Nougat, yet the feature doesn’t work so good when it comes to video playback in mind, but things are different for handsets running on Oreo.

Android Oreo will now allow apps to be viewed in Picture-in-Picture mode. This is a new type of split-screen window that should be particularly useful for watching videos or getting directions while performing other tasks. For this to work on your OnePlus handset, the apps need to be updated to support the capability and for now, YouTube, VLC, as well as Chrome support picture-in-picture, with other major video apps expected to be added in the list.

To use the feature, just start up navigation in Google Maps or open a video in full screen with a compatible player. From there, just tap the Home button. This sounds pretty easy, but there’s more to it, you can be sure of that. The foreground app will shrink down to a small floating window, but you need to be watching a video or other live content that is enabled for picture-in-picture.

When this mode is active, you can drag the floating video window around the screen, but it always sticks to the closest edge of the screen. The video is small, while the controls are hidden to save space. Don’t hesitate to tap on the video to get playback controls, as well as buttons to return to the full-screen app.

The picture-in-picture mode won’t start on your OnePlus 5T if you have a video paused and tap the home button. However, you can pause the video at any time and return to it later without opening the full app again. In the end, if you tap “x”, this will close the video right away.

Don’t you find this mode as being useful in the first place? I have to disagree since you can make the most of Android Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture feature, but it is only your choice. You can disable PiP for any app, so enter into Settings > Apps > Advanced > Special app access > Picture-in-picture.

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