Start Using Upday on Galaxy S7 Edge

This year Samsung has built a news curation tool into the left-hand side of the S7 Edge homescreen. The widget Upday serves you with up the top news from around the world, and can be customized to only show you the stories that are relevant to you.

The idea of getting personalized news based on your interests is a major advantage, but I have already showed you how to Turn Off Flipboard Briefing/ Upday on Galaxy S7 Edge if this is not what you have in mind.

However, while some are wondering how to remove the Upday page from the Galaxy S7 Edge home screen as they don’t find it useful and are worried about the battery life consume, others don’t use a competing service, such as Feedly and are at least curious to give it a try.

If you take the time to tell it what you truly like it, it can actually transform into a source of informative news.

Start Using Upday on Galaxy S7 Edge:

  1. On the Upday home screen, tap on ‘more’, followed by ‘my interests’;
  2. Up next, take your time to go through the various topics;
  3. Don’t hesitate to select which sub-categories you are and aren’t interested in. Like that, the app will then automatically refresh with relevant news.

Of course, if you are using a similar service, Upday has no use, just as if you normally prefer news in one go, rather than regular updates throughout the day. If this option is not for you and it simply doesn’t satisfy your needs, then Samsung has made it a snap to disable. Just press and hold on a clear section of the home screen, swipe over to the Upday tab, and flick the slider in order to turn it off.

Do you use Upday on your Samsung device too or is it one of the first things you disable? Use the comments area to let us know!

Other amazing news apps:

  • PressReader Helps you Keep Up with International News. Let me tell you from the start that you can read a lot for free, but you can get even more by accessing the service at any PressReader “hotspot” or by paying $30 per month;
  • If none of these options seem to be what you need, then you can choose to use Recent News on Android – use this link for that;
  • Be informed and Read Top Stories of the Day by Using Yahoo News Digest;
  • Use this detailed tutorial and learn to Use NewsBytes which Curates the Important Stories of the Day;
  • You can also choose to Use Inshorts, the Ideal News Curation App which selects relevant news from multiple national and international sources and it presents you the story in a short format of around 60 words;
  • How to use Simply News App on Android devices.

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