How to Migrate Data from an Old Android Device to HTC One M9

It doesn’t really matter if you have an iPhone, Android device, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone, but if you want to migrate your precious data from your old smartphone to your new One M9, then be sure that I am here to help you. After all, I am aware of the fact that one of the biggest pains of buying a new phone is being in the situation of transferring all of your old data, but instead of complaining, you should better take action.

I want you to know from the very beginning that you can easily accomplish this in several ways, depending on the handset that you previously owned. In Android Lollipop, Google decided to introduce some new options for restoring your devices – Tap & Go and specific device restores. The first one works just like it sounds as all that you have to do is to tap your old Android device to your new HTC One M9 and go, while the second one which involves using specific device restores lets you decide which specific device you want to restore from. Do you need more details?

How to Migrate Data from an Old Android Device to HTC One M9:

Use Tap & Go
So, your first chance to transfer data appears during initial setup, when you will be prompted to use Android Lollipop’s Tap & Go functionality to restore settings and data from another Android phone. However, be careful about the fact that your old Android phone must have NFC compatibility and that both devices must be unlocked for this procedure to work:

  1. To use Tap & Go, you will place the two devices back-to-back when prompted;
  2. You will then be asked to sign in to your Google account;
  3. You must also agree to Google’s terms of service;
  4. Then, on your old device, you will see a prompt to confirm that you want to copy your data; tap OK;
  5. After that, the data will start to be transferred over (the procedure also includes your home page setup if you are using the Google Now launcher).

Use Restore From Previous Device:
As I have said, Google also lets you to specifically choose the device you want to restore from – a phone you just factory reset a moment ago or a tablet that you haven’t used for quite a while.

  1. Enter your Google account;
  2. When walking through device specific restores, you have access to two menus: one for device selection, and another for apps selection. This means that you can select which device you want to migrate data from, but you also get to select whether or not you want to restore all apps or only individual apps;
  3. Once you have selected the specific device and the apps you want restored, your HTC One M9 will start receiving the data.

There are situation when owners skipped over your chance to restore data with Tap & Go, when their old Android device does not have NFC, or when they want to transfer data from an iPhone or other cellular device. Are you in one these cases as well? Here I have another solution for you:

  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. From there, you have to navigate to Get content from another phone;
  3. Choose the type of phone from the menu;
  4. If owning an HTC or other Android phone, choose between these two options: a quick or a full transfer;
  5. If being the owner of an iPhone, choose whether to restore from iCloud, iTunes, or to transfer contacts over Bluetooth;
  6. For each type of phone the process will be slightly different, but your HTC One M9 will guide you through the entire process, so carefully read all the prompts and apply them.

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