Take Huawei Honor Nova Stock Wallpapers

The Honor Nova might not be an impressive device in terms of hardware – there is no secret in that – but it is one of the first Huawei’s smartphones to receive the Android Nougat based EMUI 5.0 update and it has one more interesting thing that you should know about from the start.

I am talking about the fact that this device comes with no less than 7 wallpapers in 2160 x 1920 pixel resolution which look fantastic. The stock wallpapers of Huawei Honor Nova have been showcased in the featured image, so you know of what I am talking about. There are refreshing, with colors fading like in a story and shapes that make you dream and relax, so I don’t know about you, but yes, I do want at least two of them for my Android device.

If you think the same, don’t waste any more time and give your handset a fresh look. This guide will help you do it:

Take Huawei Honor Nova Stock Wallpapers:

  1. Enter here and take the Huawei Honor Nova Stock Wallpapers to your computer or laptop;
  2. Then, you have to extract the folder on your desktop or somewhere you can easily found it;
  3. You can now connect your current Android phone to the PC or laptop by using the original USB cable;
  4. Transfer the wallpapers on your phone’s internal memory;
  5. Up next, you must enter into the Settings option;
  6. It’s time to select an image from the latest 7 ones that I have told you about;
  7. At the end, you have to touch the OK in order to apply the new wallpaper.

If you are looking for more options to choose, this is exactly what I can get you. For example, you can take the Cuto Wallpapers app and I am sure that you won’t regret your decision since this one only shows you Curated Wallpapers or the Cool Wallpapers HD one which offers up a Ton of Amazing Wallpaper Options. Allure also offers more than 10,000 HD Wallpapers, so don’t tell me that this number is not good enough for you, just as Plastexo hosts more than 130 High Quality and minimal Wallpapers which have a 3200×256 resolution.

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