How to Disable Searchbox Effects on Pixel 3

Google’s updated Pixel lineup features a new look, but your Pixel 3 is more about what you can do with the hidden features. No matter how you see it, the truth is that the software is the one truly amazing. We all know that the Pixel Launcher is a Pixel exclusive, giving you what Google claims to be Android’s best experience. And after using it for s while, we tend to agree to that. Therefore, let’s see what’s the matter with those Searchbox Effects on your Pixel 3 too.

First of all, there is no secret that Google tends to keep users locked into their ecosystem. That’s why the Google Search bar is sitting there, taking up space on the home screen of every brand new Android device and things are no different for your Pixel 3 either. Some say that they don’t really use the Search bar and it’s just taking up room, yet others love that it’s there and got used to it.

I cannot say though the same thing about the intrusive Searchbox Effects. I personally see no point for having there in the first place and I moved fast from the initial curiosity to the decision of not seeing them at all.

If you feel the same, join the club! And waste no more time since here’s how to get rid of them too in no time:

Learn How to Disable Searchbox Effects on Pixel 3:

  1. First of all, you have to press and hold on the searchbox at the bottom of the screen;
  2. At this point, a preferences box will appear. Do you see it? Good, then you can move on to the next step;
  3. Within this is the option to enable or disable special effects. Long story short, this is where to find them.

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