Get Galaxy S9 like Super Slow-motion on your Android

Samsung has unveiled the heavily leaked rumored Galaxy S9 device for quite a while and there is no wonder that it already sits in so many users pockets. What better option than this one if you want the best? Samsung’s Dual Aperture lens are special, yet a feature that will not come in handy in so many cases is none other than the Galaxy S9 Super Slow-motion mode.

As Samsung states, you can “make everyday moments epic with dynamic, slow-motion video that captures 960 frames per second.” Users have tried it and they love it! Then, they can select background music from no less than 35 different options, so the disadvantages are put behind by most. However, I still remember that Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution and like it or not, it is limited to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and just 6 seconds of playback for each shot.

Do you still want something similar on your own Android handset? Yes, you can get Galaxy S9 like Super Slow-motion on your own Android with the help of an app known as Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX will let you create slow-motion videos in a similar way as found on Samsung’s device, so it is only up to you to let the fun begin. Things don’t stop here as long as you can either choose an existing video from your video library to add the effect or choose to shoot a completely new video, not to mention that you can select the speed of the output video from between 0 to 1, with 1 being the option to create hyperlapse video.

Are you proud of the result? Well, need I remind you that it can be shared on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and let others take a peek too at what you are doing? However, there is something that I don’t appreciate about this Slow Motion Video FX app. Yes, I know that it is free to download, but all those in-app purchases are really getting on my nerves. I don’t have a high tolerance for that, so maybe this is why I see things this way.

Get the Slow Motion Video FX app and let me know if you like it or at least if it gives you that peace of mind that you were looking for regarding the Galaxy S9 like Super Slow-motion feature.

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