Learn to Transfer Files on Essential PH-1

Are you currently looking for a simple solution for file transfer? Is your wish one of sharing files from your Android phone to your computer even without USB cables? You probably know the fact that you can choose to use your Google Account or a simple USB cable in order to move photos, music, and other files between your computer and phone or tablet, but things can be even easier than that in case of being the owner of an Essential PH-1 handset.

I am saying that as long as the device comes with it an improved file-transferring software, the popular Essential Smart Switch. This software can allow the user to transfer any kind of file to your Essential PH-1 and be sure of the fact that the list is very generous as long as it includes audio files, videos, photos, songs, messages, contacts, Wi-Fi settings, alarms, bookmarks, calendar info, apps and so on.

There are other options too, so find out how to: Move Photos and Videos with Photosync – Photo Transfer

Even more, when it comes to using the Essential Smart Switch software, connecting your Essential PH-1 phone via USB is no longer needed. After all, you can basically transfer data from your old phone to your new Essential PH-1via USB cable, Wi-Fi or computer. Choose the method you feel most comfortable with and everything else comes easy.

Here’s an example of what you have to do:

Learn to Transfer Files on your Essential PH-1 Device:

  1. First of all, here you can find Smart Switch installer for Windows, as well as the Smart Switch installer option for MAC;
  2. A pop-up link prompting for you to download the Smart Switch app will appear once setting up your device. You must select Download and Open in order to start the installation process;
  3. At this point, you may be able to transfer data and applications to your Essential PH-1 in no time, so you know what you have to do! Have fun!

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