Download Blackberry Launcher APK on Android

Do you want to customize the look of your Android device with a new launcher? This is not a mind blowing launcher, but you don’t even need this. Don’t get me wrong, yet I really don’t think that wheel can be invented one more time, so you need a fast launcher with a few features that make the difference. Just try it and you will love it!

BlackBerry may be all but out of the hardware game, but it’s still making a big push into Android software. I am sure that you won’t regret downloading the Blackberry Launcher APK on your Android handset since you will get a special experience even if you don’t have a BlackBerry-branded phone.

The BlackBerry Pop-Up Widgets lets you view any application widget by simply swiping up or down across the icon on your home screen, giving you fast access to the information you need, when you need it. You can also add shortcuts to the home screen to make adding contacts, notes, and calendar events easier than ever, customize the look and feel of your device using custom icon packs, wallpapers, and ringtones use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless network toggle shortcuts if battery life and data usage are still your priorities, create custom shortcuts for Google Maps Directions, Drive Scan and not only, not to mention that it fully supports Android for Work deployment.

And the good news is that you don’t need root for installing this Launcher APK on your Android running handset. You must simply grab the file and install APK as any other normal APK! That’s it.

How to Download Blackberry Launcher APK on Android:

  1. You should first download the Blackberry Launcher;
  2. You must extract the .zip file and you will get the .APK file that you are going to use;
  3. Then, copy the Blackberry launcher file to your phone with the help of the original USB cord;
  4. Now, open a file explorer of your choice;
  5. Up next, navigate to the folder where you have copied the launcher file;
  6. Simply tap on the file to install the new Launcher on your device.

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