Hide Album Art on Lockscreen on Android

Android is pretty amazing and there are hundreds of reasons (literally) that make me say it and believe it. What about the Album Art on Lockscreen on Android? While many users have enjoyed its presence and never seemed to be bothered by its look, others aren’t at all fond of it. I tend to believe that you are one of them too, so keep on reading.

Some of you wonder if is there any possibility to hide Album Art Lockscreen when you are listening to music and this guide is just what you need. I get that when listening to music, the album art is usually displayed as lockscreen background. However, it doesn’t look as it should at all since it is cropped, zoomed and stretched in horrible ways, just to fit the background of the lockscreen.

I already know that you want to change that, so the good part is that there is a way to get rid of the Album Art on the lock screen? Phonograph Music Player is the app that can help you with that and be sure of the fact that rooting is not a must.

There are no twisted menus to worry about, but a clean interface that you will love, it also comes with a special inbuilt theme engine with many different colors to choose from, just as the tag editor allows you to easily edit the tags of your music files such as title, or artist and more for single songs or whole albums. And you will see how simple is to hide Album Art on Lockscreen on your Android handset since here I am to guide you all the way.

Hide Album Art on Lockscreen on Android:

  1. Download Phonograph Music Player from here;
  2. Install it on your Android handset;
  3. After installation, you must open the Phonograph Music Player;
  4. Swipe left to get the menu;
  5. Then, you have to tap on Settings;
  6. You have to scroll down until you see the Lockscreen section;
  7. Tap on Show album cover to disable the option that bothers you so much. Do you see how easy it was?

Thank you very much for being here and for letting others know too how easy is to Hide Album Art on Lockscreen on Android with the help of this guide. I know that some of you like to keep everything for themselves or don’t have enough time for such things, yet you are not alone. You often need help and since karma is how it is, help others too.

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