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Times are changing and the sooner you accept that, the better. Take the latest gadgets from the market as a proof and you will know that I am not at all wrong. You have also seen the trends of the latest Android games. Developers become fans of the “pay-as-you-please” system, so they practically give you the chance to decide if their game is worthy or not of your money. The strange thing is that many don’t generally pay for games, but, after playing a few levels, they simple end up deciding to pay for a certain game. This is not for getting rid of the apps, but they are drawn in by an amazing character, by the endless possibilities of the game and so on.

And the story is no different for those of you sure of the fact that changing the wallpaper of their handset is nothing more than a waste of time. If you also think that it’s time to want more, then the Zurine Wallpapers containing high quality wallpapers in Material Design might be the answer!

Zurine Wallpapers comes with some of the best material design wallpapers that you can find. At the moment, it has no less than 52 high-quality material style wallpapers and they are all available in 3144×2360, so you can enjoy them on all Android devices you might own.

Then, note that al wallpapers are stored in the cloud and can be saved in your device, but there is something that might turn into a problem. All wallpapers in this pack are in portrait mode and I am not sure that this is what all Android users have in mind. However, this doesn’t change hat the wallpapers offered by Zurine Wallpapers are unique and exactly what you need for giving your device a fresh look.

So, grab Zurine Wallpapers from here and let me know if I was right this time or not! Or pay some attention to these guides:

  • You can Get Shifting Shapes and Colors on your Homescreen with the help of an app known as Minima Live Wallpaper;
  • If you are prepared for different wallpapers on your Android phone, don’t expect to get them from someone else, but be the one who creates stunning Wallpapers with Blur Wallpaper;
  • You can Have a Special Wallpaper that’s Yours with Ditalix Live Wallpapers;
  • Combine Various Images into a Collage with Photo Wall FX Live Wallpaper and decorate the home screen like never before.

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