Samsung SM-G900F Alleged To Become a Galaxy S5 Variant

Last week, an unknown yet new device holding the build number SM-G900S appeared in a benchmark and rumors suggest that it might represent Samsung’s next flagship. However, the rumors were soon infirmed because, a day later, another model number was unveiled in a shipping manifest. As a bottom line, both of these two devices were considered the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 since it has been rumored more than a few times that Samsung will unveil two different devices: one made of plastic and one made of metal.

More precisely, the alleged device has made a stop on the benchmark, and it managed to score the third position in the Browsermark browser benchmark, behind the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note 3. Moreover, the device is considered to run the Snapdragon 800 chip, and potentially with 3GB of RAM. In the same time, the SM-G900F model would have scored even higher is the model had been running the latest version of Chrome.

SM-G900F model to Become Galaxy S5

SM-G900F model to Become Galaxy S5

As far as the rumors suggest, the future Galaxy S5 is expected to have an impressive performance powered by the rumored Snapdragon 800 chip and its famous 3GB of RAM. With all eyes on the South Korean giant, everybody hopes of catching an early glimpse of what the new Galaxy S5 flagship will look like. Nonetheless, most important is what the giant will bring to the table.  The already mentioned hardware details are only a small part of what Samsung is preparing for its worldwide fans.

However, keep in mind that this statistic is only for the browser performance. The unknown device has managed to take the third place because, according to Rightware, SM-G900F is still running version 28 of Google Chrome. This is what place it on the third place just behind Apple’s latest handset and the family’s Note 3. Perhaps it would be placed on the first spot if the device would have the latest version of Chrome installed and namely Chrome version 31.

Source: SamMobile