Video: T-Mobile Unboxing Galaxy S5, with Pre-Order Starting Live

T-Mobile has just launched a short video on their website, with the Galaxy S5 being unboxed and with pre-orders for the high-end to start right away. As shown in the video, the Galaxy S5 is rendered with details, also mentioning that the device will be available for pre-orders for $27.50 on a monthly basis or for a full $660 payout. Don’t wait any longer and hit the T-Mobile website and pre-order your Galaxy S5 today and stay inline until April 11, when the device will be officially rolled-out.

The employee in the video shows the Galaxy S5 with some features like the 5.1-inch display running on an octa-core processor, with 2GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, and of course the Galaxy S5`s 16-megapixel ISOCELL camera with 4k video.

But the video is not just about unboxing the S5 or revealing its specs under the T-Mobile. The video also refers to the seal that the device has on its back. The seal is actually the clear indication of the smartphone`s water and dust resistance in shallow waters or bad weather conditions.

In case you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the T-Mobile`s site right now, you will get the handset for $0 down, then pay it for a full 24-month contract at the price of $24.50 per each month. We might think of a special offer that the T-Mobile carrier is launching, as prices might come higher in the period to follow.

Yet, if you don’t like T-Mobile, then there is also AT&T or Sprint to choose from if you really want to have the Galaxy S5 just for yourself. They will offer you the device with a $200 on pre-order, for a full 2-year contract. The offer is also available at the U.S. Cellular for a mail-in-rebate $200 price.

Well folks, which carrier would you choose? Share your preferences with us and tell us which network should we go along with? Cheers and enjoy the short video with the unboxing of the Galaxy S5 under T-Mobile!