Galaxy Ace Style Will be Available Globally

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We have all seen that the Galaxy Ace Style was launched in Germany last week, and if you are one of those disappointed that you don’t have a chance to enjoy this device, we can only tell you that odds are in your favor. Samsung has officially announced that has its Galaxy Ace Style will be available globally in the near future, as a device which is “designed to support and power young social consumers”. Do you think that you can be one of them? Don’t jump to conclusions before knowing what this handset has prepared for us all:

A Decent Entry-level Galaxy Ace Style Handset

The South Korean company showcased the new Galaxy Ace Style phone at the Samsung Roadshow in Hamburg, Germany and you should know from the start that it is nothing more than an entry-level model. One notable feature of this device is that it features the latest Android v4.4 KitKat with the new TouchWiz UI that we have also seen at Samsung’s Galaxy S5, but we know that you won’t be that impressed of its 4-inch screen which comes with a modest resolution of no more than 800 x 480 pixels or about the fact that Galaxy Ace Style gets the power from a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor.

In order to support the processor, here we can also find 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory; and don’t forget that Samsung Galaxy Ace Style packs both a 5 MP camera at the back, as well as a VGA shooter at the front. Moreover, the company has revealed that its Ace Style device will come in single- and dual-SIM configurations, so that you can easily separate your personal and business lives.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ace Style Price

We have seen that Samsung Galaxy Ace Style is modest, but also decent, so we can tell you that it will have a price between €200 (around ₹16,400) and €300 (around ₹24,612) in Germany, but the details regarding the phone’s price in the local regions is still unknown at this point. We can only assume that it will be somewhere from €200-350, but we’ll soon return with fresh details.

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