Shuttle, an Intuitive Music Player for your Android Device

Are you looking for a simple, yet intuitive Android music player? Then, Shuttle is perfect for what you need and even if you have never heard of it up to now, trust me when I say that it’s going to be a very nice surprise. Shuttle’s both free and paid versions are starting to be more and more popular in Google Play, so let’s find out more about them too.

Let’s start with the fact that this app has a clean, Google look which fits perfectly within Android. Of course, Shuttle offers various color themes to choose from and trust me when I say that they all look great. Even more, Shuttle comes with multiple widgets styled in a minimalistic manner that you will most probably love.

I am referring to 2×1, 4×1, 4×2, and 4×4 widgets that can be colored in a gradient shade at your choice and their functionality is all about showing album art and music controls, keeping things as simple as they can be!

When it comes to its actual functionality, the developer was clear about spending hours every day listening to music at his desk, on the commute to work or at home, so he understand what a music player should be like.

In fact, this is why i think that Shuttle is so intuitive. When you open up an album, it presents you with the songs it contains. Next to every single song, there is a menu that lets you choose a particular song to play next, use as phone ringtone, add to playlist or queue, blacklist, as well as delete.

For example, if you choose playing a tune, this options takes you to the Now Playing view. You will find music controls down, as well as buttons to Favorite a song, Share it through social media and more, not to mention the you also see a lyrics display, which either reads embedded lyrics off the tune or grabs the words from musiXmatch.

Then, you can also double tap the artwork to read the biography of your favorite band, you can choose to create playlists, add multiple files at a time, remove certain playlist items with a swipe or keep track of all your favorite songs with the help of a Most played playlist. And the paid version also provides other goodies such as d3 tag editing, ChromeCasting to your TV, plenty of other interesting themes to choose from and more, so there is no wonder that more and more users want it.

When it comes to the quality, let me be clear about the fact that Shuttle features an in-built 6-band equalizer and it also supports 3rd party Digital Signal Processors, so be sure of the fact that you will have the chance to get the most out of your audio, not to mention the native Audio tunneling which lets you save battery when listening to music. I know how important this is to you!

Here’s where you can find the app, so grab it, install it onto your Android device and let me know what you think of it.

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