OnePlus One On Sale in India Via Invite System Only

OnePlus One Smartphone will soon be available for purchase in India, but it will not be for everybody. In order to get your hands on the device, users will need to present their invitation. The company, via a forum post, mentioned that India is a new market, and they want to minimize the risks by implementing an invite system for new buyers.

Therefore, the company will introduce an India-specific invite system for those looking to order the OnePlus One Smartphone. Only through this method, users will be able to order and purchase the new One device.

According to company’s representatives, invites are more than welcomed since it allows them to control their inventory, scare the team and make support services grow along with demand. In the same time, the firm added that Indians will have enough chances to gain an invite, either through forums or its social media channels. OnePlus will also be working with local partners in order to help users in the best way possible.

Te exact India release date for the OnePlus One Smartphone has not been confirmed yet. The OnePlus one will be up for pre-orders in the international markets as soon as Monday. To order a handset, users can visit the dedicated pre-order website. In the same time, users will need to create an account to the OnePlus platform before pre-ordering the device.

However, keep in mind that the pre-order window lasts only an hour. The manufacturer would not limit the number of units ordered, and the devices will be shipped as and when they will become available.

The good news is that the invitation system appears to be temporary. The OnePlus One Smartphone will likely go on general sale once the invite rollout is underway, and details can be finalized with the local partners. Although, there is no indication on how much this might take. In case you are interesting in getting the latest OnePlus One, make sure you bookmark OnePlus on Social media.