Enjoy Unlimited Material Design Wallpapers with Tapet

Creating customized wallpaper with one of the multiple apps that are waiting for you on Google Play and not only is a must. I don’t know if you agree with me on that, but I am sure that I can’t stay too long with the same wallpaper. With your own designs, you’ll sure stand out from the crowd and I always think that this is the best recipe for making your handset personal to you.

I don’t know what you have in mind, but the choice is all your – it can be the image of your loved one, of your kid(s), of your new car or of a landscape that relaxes you, of your pet or you simply want some bold colors and strange shapes to disconnect you and the examples can continue. Luckily, Android is the most customizable OS, so there are plenty of applications that let you make your own wallpapers.

Let me tell you that Tapet is one of them and I am not at all wrong when I say that it offers unlimited Material Design wallpapers for your device. Unlimited? How could this be possible in the first place?

Tapet has dozens of patterns and amazing color schemes which are waiting to be used and combined in order to create new wallpapers every time you use it. These patterns grow even more with the usual In-App Purchase and besides the advantage of all those wallpapers that it has to offer, let me tell you that it is small in size and requires no internet connection to create or download wallpapers.

Tapet comes with some predefined patterns which can be changed easily with some swipes. It has so many amazing combinations that you should think twice before refusing one. I mean it’s almost impossible to see a wallpaper ever again. When it’s gone, it’s gone for good, so don’t ask me how to get it back cause you cannot do that. New wallpapers can be created by using various swipes, so you just have to keep swiping till you find what suits you the best. Let me assure you that the wallpapers are created according to your device’s screen resolution and even better, the images fit your screen perfectly and even create a beautiful parallax effect, making the wallpaper look perfect.

And if you are worried about the CPU and the handset’s battery life, note that these are not live wallpapers, so leave your worries behind. Grab the app from here instead and don’t waste any more time!

In the comments below, let me know what you think of Tapet and if it pleases you or not.