Enjoy WallMate Live Wallpaper Creator on your Android Device

Who doesn’t love a little customization? Your device’s lock screen and home screen give you enough space to display photographs and graphics that are relaxing, functional, fun and so on. So, how do you get your hands on the perfect wallpapers when there are hundreds and hundred apps for that?

In fact, if you’re still using one of those wallpapers that come with your phone, you’re basically not one of ours. I am sure that you want more and your presence here is a sign for that. Don’t be embarrassed, but take action and dare for more! After all, Android is well-known for the customization it enables, but what about creating your own wallpaper from scratch? This is where WallMate wants to step in and make the changes possible.

For the uninitiated, let me remind you that a live wallpaper essentially provides animated and interactive backgrounds for your Android device, offering you a little more action that you’d get from any other regular wallpaper that you might be using now.

WallMate really is a powerful live wallpaper creator. You can either create your own animated wallpapers using those amazing built-in shapes, animations, and colors or you can simply choose from dozens of options. Despite of the fact that the wallpaper creator is a little bit difficult to understand at first, I can assure you that it becomes quite easy once you get used to it. That’s important if you dare to create wallpapers from scratch.

However, if this isn’t for you (just yet), you must only select a wallpaper from the built-in set or from the user created packs and all you have to do is to start editing it. At the wallpaper selection, this app is hard to beat. There is no chance to be bored or incapable to find something to suit to your tastes, but you’re bound to find something that you are going to love.

The WallMate app offers quite a smooth experience, the advantage of a low battery usage and various shapes to choose from, built in Google’s Material Design palettes along with the possibility to save your own palettes, animated properties such as position, color, scale, or shadow, not to mention the editable live wallpapers, so don’t say that this is not what you have in mind.

You should grab WallMate from here and install it on your Android phone to start creating! Have fun!

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