How to Use Tint, a Minimal Gradient Wallpaper Creator

While the selection of wallpapers that are available for Android is so vast, so are the user’s preferences – that’s for sure. Of course, you always have the chance to set your photos as wallpapers from your phone’s default Android gallery app, but is this the best thing to do when there are so many possibilities waiting for you?

There are many other Android applications able to provide more options and to be honest, who doesn’t want a higher level of personalization? I truly think that variety is the spice of life and there are plenty apps that can give you exactly the variety that you are looking for. Don’t you know what to choose? That’s no reason to stress out, but here I am to tell you about one of all coolest apps that will make your wallpaper different.

Are you thinking of something that says, “my phone’s wallpaper is simple, yet stylish and you cannot find it anywhere?” If this speaks to you, you’re probably looking for an app such as Tint. I am saying that as long as Tint is a minimal gradient wallpaper creator that practically lets you choose two colors for creating gradients in different directions like vertical and horizontal.

Once you are satisfied with what you have, you can choose to set it as wallpaper or save it to your Android device.
If you’re a lover of gradients and customizing anything and everything, but without crossing the line or having too much, this is probably the wallpaper app for you and don’t say that I haven’t warned you, but it can even get addictive. Just try it out once and you will see how fun is to play around with various colors and get more and more minimal wallpapers.

And the app is completely free, so you have no reason for not giving it a chance! Tint can be downloaded from here right away!

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