How to Solve Samsung’s S7 Edge Display Issues

There is something that I can tell you for sure: Samsung keeps improving its flagship smartphones and its latest Galaxy S7 Edge is better than ever. You get impressive technical specs, a more refined design and build quality and yes, who can say that the curved edges on the Galaxy S7 edge are not a strong selling point?

Yes, it’s true that Galaxy S7 Edge might look very similar to its predecessor, but the truth is that Samsung has managed to include in a few adjustments to the design. A closer look will reveal that the camera’s bump has been noticeably reduced when compared to the S6 Edge, the S7 Edge is thicker than both the S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus at 7.7mm, not to mention all the design differentiation, which is certainly appreciated at a time when most flagship phones tend to look the same.

At the same time, Samsung’s curved S7 Edge display also comes with a few issues and that is something that you must admit from the start. Many have complained about the fact that the curved sides of the screen are too sensitive to touch, so they cause issues during usage. For example, if you’re holding the S7 Edge and your palm or fingers are touching the edges of the screen, it seems that taps on the display with your thumb or a finger from your other hand are not recognized all the time.

This is definitely something that you want to avoid as much as possible and I totally agree with you. It’s a very annoying issue, but it seems that a solution for this problem is coming. Samsung has started to correct this issue with the help of a new software update that has begun rolling out in Europe.

This is the only thing that you can do in order to solve the problem – to wait for the update, but sadly, it’s unclear exactly when the update will hit carrier branded Galaxy S7 Edge phones in the United States. Things usually take longer for carrier phones, so you should be prepared!

If you have come across any more problems, or found an alternate solution to this issue, do let me know in the comments section below. In any case, I will continue to keep this post updated.

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