Enter Fastboot Mode on your Oppo Realme C1

For most of us, fastboot mode is not a strange word. It’s a special diagnostic protocol that allows you to modify the file system images from a computer over a USB connection. Every Android phone usually has Fastboot, even if vendors have chosen to replace Fastboot with their tool. Like Samsung, instead of Fastboot, it has Odin, but it’s still there somehow and it does the very same thing you are expecting it to do.

Via Fastboot, you can start your device even before it loads. For example, it is necessary to enter fastboot mode on your Oppo handset when you want to update the firmware. In fact, today, almost guide articles require you to boot your Realme C1 into Fastboot mode, Recovery mode, or Flash mode for the procedure to carry out.

Rebooting into these modes can be carried out universally by some simple ADB commands, but if you are a newbie of Android, I have an easier way for you. You want to stay away from any trouble, I am sure of that, so don’t go there yet.

Here I have the most convenient method to enter fastboot mode on your Oppo Realme C1. All you have to do is press simultaneously a certain set of key combinations, so trust me when I say that nothing can go wrong. Let me show you:

How to Enter Fastboot mode on your Oppo Realme C1:

  1. Switch your Oppo Realme C1 off;
  2. Then, just press and hold the Power Button, Volume Down and Home Buttons for only a few seconds;
  3. And you are done! You have successfully entered Fastboot mode on your Oppo Realme C1 handset.

This should normally work, but if it does not, then download and install any third party reboot apps from the Google Play Store. The Quick ReBoot one is an ideal example for that. Don’t hesitate to grant it SuperSU permissions when prompted and simply select “Bootloader” from the list of options.

Like that, your Oppo device will automatically boot into fastboot mode.

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