How to Solve choppy video playback experience on your Note 8

Did you just buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and experiencing various problems? It looks like it or else you wouldn’t be on this page. Here you can find various fixes and solutions that may help you solve such errors, with the mention that it’s OK for such things to happen. Note 8 looks like a great device with Samsung getting the software and artificial intelligence piece right over there, so it is the perfect deal for Android lovers in the premium segment, yet problems are still there because this is how things work with technology in general.

Let me tell you that users complain about a very choppy video playback experience when attempting to watch HDR videos (1440 HDR 60) and it seems that you are one of them too. Is there anything that you can do in order to solve that?

The truth is that if you try to play a YouTube video at 1440 60f/s HDR, then the frame rate drops so bad it’s more like watching a fast slide show than a video and this is frustrating. I know that you might not like what you are about to hear, but there are some Note 8 issues where there aren’t any solutions available yet, and the only option for now is to wait for an official software fix from Samsung.

This is also the case, but I want to remind you something important. Well, this is not a solution, but you should keep in mind the fact that the Note 8 has no problems playing videos at 1440 60f/s as long as it’s not in HDR. If you search “hdr” in the community section of Samsung +, you will basically discover the fact that this is an old issue for Samsung.

And another old trick is that Galaxy users say that it plays HDR well on Netflix and not on YouTube, while we are still waiting for Amazon to release an update to officially support HDR for the Note 8.

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