How to Prevent Android Apps from Asking for Reviews

As you know, Android apps constantly show you a popup which asks you for reviewing the app on the play store. Asking for ratings became a commonplace. The ratings are useful for developers as they depend on high quality user experience and feedback. This will help the developers realize what is missing in their app and they could fix it before rolling out the next version of the app.

Therefore, my advice is to be careful about the fact that app ratings can positively or negatively affect important aspects of the current app, yet I am sure that sometimes you are looking for ways to prevent Android apps from asking for reviews.

This can become annoying especially with those apps that after rolling out a new update again ask for a review. This may be because their developer may have set their app to ask for a review after every new version is launched.

This helps the developer to get a feedback on every version of their app, yet is this what you really want to do? I know that people don’t like popups, and many will simply choose to ignore a standard app review popup. After all, there are some apps which offer an option where we can choose to Never review the app, but their number is actually limited. You basically get 2 options in the pop-up and here I have more details:

How to Prevent Android Apps from Asking for Reviews:

  • The 2 options in the pop-up are:
  1. You can choose Yes when it comes to the review or rate the app now;
  2. You can also choose to Remind me later. This option will make the pop-up come up next time when you open the app;
  • When the popup comes up for the first time, you have to click Yes;
  • After that, you will be redirected to Play Store;
  • Press the Back button on your smartphone;
  • Then, choose close the Play Store. The idea is that Play Store doesn’t tell the app, whether you reviewed/rated it or not. The app simply remembers that you chose the “yes” option and wouldn’t ask for a review again, yet are you sure that this is what you want to do all the time? It doesn’t take an eternity to review the app, you know.

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