Take Photos of Phone Intruders via CrookCatcher – Anti Theft

It could happen to all of us at a certain point. For those who have always been wondering how their Android phone gets locked automatically, there should be something to ease their pain. It could be someone simply curiously taking a look at your new phone. Maybe one of your colleagues has though a secret agenda. Or your friend waits for his chance to play a prank.

These are all options when you leave your phone in a place where it is accessible by your friends or family members. CrookCatcher – Anti Theft could change that. What do you think of the idea of taking photos of phone intruders via this app?

CrookCatcher hides behind your lockscreen and if someone tries to unlock your Android handset with the wrong code, it takes a picture of the person with the front facing camera. Then, while you set up the app, it will ask you if you would like to email the photos and location for unsuccessful attempts.

If you agree, the app will not only store the records in the app but will also send you an email to your default email address with the intruder photos, along with your device’s current GPS location.

What if you lose your phone?

Once you have installed the app on your Android, you will be aware of all those that try accessing your device. And just imagine this scenario too. If you lost your phone, the first thing someone will try to do is bypass the screen lock. This is enough for the app to sent you the photo and location.

This can help in tracking the lost phone to a great extent. And of course it is completely silent and secret (turn off notifications in settings).

The only thing it will cost is your data plan for uploading photos and sending emails on a cellular connection. However, it’s a small price to pay for what CrookCatcher – Anti Theft has to offer, don’t you agree?

CrookCatcher – Anti Theft is waiting for you.

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