Create GIF Animations in the Galaxy S7 Gallery

Gifs have quickly become one of the best ways for Android users to express themselves. There’s no surprise into that as long as they require less time to view than a video, but they are way more expressive than any photo you could ever send to someone or keep for yourself.

You can find them all over social media and the Internet in general, but if you have ever thought of creating a Gif yourself, be sure that you can do that on your own Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

If you like to take pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S7, then you will surely like that special function from the gallery known as Animate that just waits to be used. With the help of this function, you can create GIF animations. To be more precise, you can choose to add various photos together and then run them sequentially.

The file format is “GIF”, so be sure that your Android photos will be brought to life:

How to Create GIF Animations in Galaxy’s S7 Gallery:

  1. A GIF animation is created in the gallery, so the first step is to open the Android gallery on your device;
  2. Then, open an album;
  3. You can see the images on them in an overview;
  4. Now, it’s time to tap More;
  5. Select the Animate option;
  6. Choose all the images you want to appear in the GIF animation;
  7. After that you have to tap at the top right Animate;
  8. Also choose the playback speed of the GIF animation;
  9. Tap Save;
  10. The GIF animation will usually be saved in the camera folder DCIM.

If you do not see this feature, verify whether you have the latest firmware installed on the Samsung Galaxy S7 handset. This might be the only impediment standing between you and easily creating some amazing GIF Animations in Galaxy’s S7 Gallery.

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