Non-native speakers should Try Out ELSA

ELSA, also known as English Language Speech Assistant is ideal for non-native speakers trying to improve their (American) English. ELSA Speak: Reduce your accent is surprising at figuring out where your pronunciations mistakes are and shows you how to improve day by day.

The app is here to improve your English pronunciation, therefore it comes with a test that you can take that analyzes your pronunciation and gives you a native speaker score based on it. To be more precise, you are asked to read ten text paragraphs aloud via your handset’s microphone and ELSA Speak analyzes your speech, and gives you a score in the end.

The app highlights all areas that need improvement and you even receive a detailed report when you swipe down to get the full listing of recommendations. This opens all sentences that you spoke aloud. The words are color coded, including green highlight excellent pronunciation, yellow medium pronunciation, as well as red pronunciation with major issues.

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ELSA Speak will then use the information to create a personalized curriculum based on the test. And if you like the idea, let me tell you one more thing: 27 hours with the ELSA app is equivalent to a semester of university course in America for reducing accent.

Let me though tell you from the start that the app is free to try, but limited. The first two lessons of each training group are free, the remaining ones are unlocked when you subscribe. I am talking about a free 7-day trial that can easily unlock all lessons, but the pro accounts are the ones that give you full access to everything. You can choose between €31,99 per year, €9,49 quarterly, as well as €4,19 per month.

I know that some of you might be disappointed about the fact that the application is not free, but it won’t empty your pockets either, especially if you are serious about improving your pronunciation in no time. The choice is all yours to take.

ELSA Speak: Reduce your accent can be taken from here right away.

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