Endless Alphabet, a Great Educational Android App for Kids

Android devices have changed our lives and I am not only talking about the way we communicate. They help us do everything: stay fit, organized, they help us find music and directions, study and much, much more! What about your kids? Shouldn’t they enjoy these privileges too?

In case of looking for a delightfully interactive educational app, I might have the perfect answer for you. I am talking about none other than Endless Alphabet, an educational app for kids which can drastically change the way your child learns. This app has taken the alphabet and turned it into an game of silly letter creatures. Not only will kids become familiar with letters and their sounds, but they’ll also be introduced to new words, and the meaning of those words through funny short-stories. This is some screen time you’ll look forward to your kids having!

What children don’t dream of cute monsters and clever animations? This is the perfect method to exploring words and letters. Then, the little ones have the chance to connect word meanings to the real world through the adorable animations. However, I must warn you from the start about something that I consider as being a problem: the pronunciation of letters doesn’t always match how the letters are used in the word, and there are no opportunities for kids to demonstrate or apply what they’ve learned.

In order to avoid kids being bored, new words are added regularly to keep the content fresh, but kids can’t track which words they’ve mastered.

And don’t worry about the addictive part of so many apps and games these days. Endless Alphabet has no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own rhythm, learn while having real fun, so why not giving it a try? Remember that Endless Alphabet requires an Internet connection to work and despite of the fact the idea of an alphabet app is targeted to preschoolers, older kids can also find it great. This is their chance to expand their vocabulary, so what are you waiting for?

Take Endless Alphabet from here.

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